Belmont October 25

This will be it for the week. The rest of my handicapping time will be spent working on the Breeders Cup races. I will try to have Friday posted on Thursday and Saturday posted on Friday. Just the numbers today.

Race 1      3-4-7      C=2    V=2

Race 2      2-6-3      C=3    V=3

Race 3      1-5-6      C=2    V=2

Race 4      10-8-7      C=2    V=2

Race 5      6-5-3 (8)     C=2    V=2

The 8 in parentheses indicates a horse that has a lot of in the money finishes relative to wins and can be used in the vertical bets.

Race 6      7-2-8      C=1    V=2

Race 7      2-9-6      C=1    V=1

Race 8      1-5-8      C=3    V=2

Race 9      7-6-11-3      C=1    V=2