Saratoga August 23

Selections are for a fast track and races on the turf. All selections today are pre-scratch.

Today’s card is frustrating for me. The horses that look most likely to win are all fairly obvious and low odds on the ML. Lots of races look like a combination of haves and have nots. This often means some head scratcher of a horse will win a race or two. Most likely a light play day for me unless the crowd makes some obvious mistakes. I’ll be looking for spots.

Race 1      6-2-3

Race 2      2-8-7

Race 3      6-3-2

Race 4      3-5-2

Race 5      1/1A-3-4

Race 6      7-5-2

Race 7      4-7-6

Race 8      1-3-9-8

Race 9      4-3-7

Race 10   1-3-7

Race 11   1-6-5